You Can’t Do It On Your Own: The Truth Behind Professional Headshots
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
By Len Marks Photography

It may be unfortunate, but people DO judge a book by its cover. So, too, do they judge a potential employee, partner, supplier or business representative by their headshot. It’s no secret that individuals research online prior to committing to, well, anything. And while you know that you or your company have so much more to offer than a single image, it is that image that can be the determining factor for a call back, new business opportunity or successful sale.

Your Phone Is Good- But Not That Good

Let me be clear- we are talking about a photo as a rendering of your best professional self. This is not a picture of you smiling in sunglasses from your most recent trip to the islands taken with your phone. Or an old shot from a wedding with your ex cropped out...but that suit was so slimming! Leave those on non-business sites (although, you may want to rethink posting any picture that is of questionable content.)

You should leave the professional headshots to a professional. Just as you are an expert in your field, photographers experienced in effective headshot composition know:

Eye Contact Matters- just staring into the camera lens isn’t enough. A professional photographer knows how to use your eyes to bring out authenticity.

Lighting Matters- shadows can cause bias. Lighting can affect the perception of trustworthiness, age and other characteristics. There is a fine line between artistic lighting and looking creepy.

Posture Matters- it may make sense that good posture can illustrate confidence. But did you know that small changes in posture and face tilt can illustrate much more. “Your best side” takes on a whole new meaning with an expert behind the lens.

Presentation Matters- professional photographers who specialize in business portraits can guide you on clothing, colors, and expression. A suit or dress are not required for professional headshots. Your industry, job qualifications, personal and professional brand and intentions are all considered when an expert photographer offers advice.

Context Matters- expert photographers can seemingly create a story, your story, from a single or series of portraits. Among other things, the background, stance, intensity, angle, clothing, and hairstyle combine to create your sincere narrative.

Is it time to upgrade your professional image on LinkedIn, your resume, a digital CV, or your company website? Trust an expert to create a portrait that truly represents you in the best way possible. You’ll see an increase in engagement and professional connections that will make a difference in your business.

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